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In Memoriam

An ethereal woman

Stands beside you

Hair pulled into a bun

A white, flowing robe

rippling, like waters of a calm sea

Peace seeps from Her calm demeanor

Her hand reaches out to you

A piercing wail sears my throat

Pivoting, you meet my gaze

Your face is serene

Like you know the Mysteries of Life

Your turn on this Earth is done-for Now

You smile at me

One look

A cold, numbing understanding sets in

I know youÕll be safe in the Earth

Your ashes scattered to the wind

Or elsewhere

Your spirit will soar higher

As the clouds part

As a lotus blooms in Paradise

As freedom claims You

As Her Own

One with the Universe


She takes Your hand

And leads you to where life began

I say Thank You

You inspired me

To be strong, smart and beautiful

I could be anything I wanted

So, I swear

IÕll continue to dream

We will miss you, Thuy Trang (1973-2001).