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Trini, the Vampire Slayer Series

Painful Peace

by Luellon and Omi

An imposing red figure with silver tubes entwined around his body stood on the balcony. An intricate, silver crown was wrapped around his forehead. Another figure stood beside him. Lord Zedd looked like an exoskeleton and was Queen Rita's husband. In contrast, Rito Revolto was an endoskeleton and was Queen Rita's brother.

"Soon, my magnificent plan will unfold! I will send my army of vampires to Angel Grove to kill the Power Rangers. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Lord Zedd said.

"Hey, Ed!" Rito said.

"It's Zedd you moron!"

"Why don't you send them to Sunnydale so those Pesky Power Punkies can't beat up the putties. Then go to AG. Hey, try saying that three times fast. Pesky Power Punkies, Pesky Power Punkies, Pesky Power Punkies. Hey I did it!"

"Why, Rito! I think your small, insignificant brain has just come up with something! I'll send them to Sunnydale. The Rangers will encounter these vampires. Then they'll destroy the Rangers by sheer force of numbers!" He lifted his silver Z staff, red power sizzled out of it and the vampires were teleported to Earth.


Trini got out of the radbug. She was wearing black stretch pants and a hunter green tank top so that could go on patrol after their date. Billy shut her door and put his arm around her shoulders. They walked toward the small cafe in Sunnydale.

"Decaf," said Billy.

"I'll have the Rasberry Mocha," said Trini as she sat down. The waitress nodded and scribbled down their orders.

"So, how's your mother adjusting to Sunnydale? Have you found a place yet?"

"Not yet," Trini said, with a knowing smile,"But for some reason, they're alot of apartments available."

He smiled. "I've narrowed my options down to a few choices, but I'm not certain yet." The waitress brought them their coffee and check. "This town is so different from Angel Grove. This place would never feel like home if you weren't here."

Trini blushed.

After an hour, they drove to the cemetery. This is a good way to end a date, Trini thought. Her unusual use of sarcasm didn't really suprise her very much.

She'd changed since she'd come to live in Sunnydale, ironicially named, because it was the Hellmouth. Since coming here by accident with a vampire taxi driver, she'd learned that life wasn't as rosy as it had been in Angel Grove or in Geneva. She'd staked Faith and killed Angelus, the demon that had possessed Angel's body for centuries.

As she gazed at all the headstones through the car window, Trini was once again reminded that life was fragile and limited. It made her appreciate her life more.

She thanked Billy and kissed him goodbye. "Be careful."

She smiled and pulled a stake out of her bag. "I will."


The alarms of the Command Center wailed and so did a red and gold robot named Alpha Five. "Ayi, yi, yi, yi! Zordon, Zedd's up to something!"

"I know, Alpha. Contact the Rangers."

"Yes, Zordon."

Six teenagers materialized from six streaks of light.

"What's wrong, Zordon?" Tommy said.

"Zedd has hatched a new plan. I'm sensing his energies in a town not far from here. You must stop his plan. May the power protect you."

"Wait a sec," Zack said,"They're not attacking in Angel Grove?"

"No, Zachary."

"Man, that's a first," said Adam.

"it's Morphing Time!" Tommy cried as he held his Morpher in front of him. "White Ranger Power!"

"Black Ranger Power!" Adam yelled.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Kimberly yelled.

"Blue Ranger Power!" Zack yelled.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha yelled.

"Red Ranger Power!" Rocky yelled.

They flew through the air in streaks of light. They materialized at the edge of the Sunnydale Woods in their Power Ranger suits. "Let's split up," Tommy said.

A few minutes ago she'd been cheering for her twelve year old cousin, Kelly, who was an excellent cheerleader for Angel Grove Junior High's Team. But Kimberly hadn't been able to finish watching her practice and had been whisked away to save the world again. I wish Zedd would learn to pick better times for this.

Once, Kelly had been captured by Baboo and Squat, two of Rita's henchmen, back when she was the only main villian on the moon. Kelly had made her captors dizzy teaching them cheers for Rita. The confidence she'd gained from that experience had given her the incentive to try out for the team.

Kimberly wanted to support her cousin as much as she could, but unfortunately her duties as a Power Ranger wouldn't allow her ample time to do so.

KImberly took out her Blade Blaster and carefully peered into the darkness. "So, where are you, Zedd?"

Kimberly frantically turned only to see a person walking in the cemetery.


Trini prowled around the cemetery alone. Normally Buffy would be with her, but the other Slayer was out at dinner with her father. Trini heard a shriek and ran toward the noise. She thought her eyes decieved her when she saw the Pink Ranger. The novice Slayer kicked the vampire away from the potential victim.

"Trini!" Kimberly yelled.

Trini hesitated as she stared at the vampire with glowing red eyes and she staked the vampire as it dissintigrated.

"So this is your new home," Kimberly said.

"Yeah. How come you're here?"

"I'll explain as we go find the others."


"So that's everything," Kimberly explained as she finished her story.

"I did notice that the vampire had red eyes. Could Zedd have been controlling it?"

"Oh let me contact Zordon." Kim pushed a button on her wristband. "Zordon, I'm with Trini. Zedd could be controlling vampires in Sunnydale."

"I will instruct the others to your location."

The other Rangers ran up to them. "What's wrong?" Tommy said.

"Trini lives here. A red eyed vampire attacked me and Trini saved my life."

"We think he was under Zedd's control," Trini said.

"We should all go back to Zordon," Zack said.

"That's a good idea," said Tommy.

'Look!" Aisha said, pointing in the distance. "What is that?"

Many pairs of red eyes stared back at them. The vampires attacked.

"Teleport Trini out of here, Kim!"

"I can help you fight them, Tommy," Trini said.

"No. You're technically not a Ranger anymore, so you need to get out of harm's way."

The young women disappeared in pink light.

Tommy stepped forward. "I don't know what you are, but you should know not to mess with the Power Rangers!"

Their faces contorted into their demonic manifestation. They growled and attacked.

Tommy kicked an adversary in the face. The opponent's head snapped forward, unscathed. The six foot man threw the White Ranger over his head. The Rangers ran to their leader. They shot their adversaries with their Blade Blasters. The blasters seemed to keep them at bay for a few seconds, but as soon as they were wounded, their injuries healed almost instantly.

"What exactly are we fighting here?" Adam said.

They teleported away.


In the Command Center, the Rangers reappear. "Zordon, what were those things?" Adam said.

"How do we stop them?" Tommy said.

"Rangers, Zedd's new allies are very powerful," Zordon said. The alarms blared. "Kimberly's cousin is in danger."

"Oh, my gosh!" Kimberly wailed.

"I'll come with you, Kim," Trini volunteered. They teleported.


"Kelly!" Kimberly yelled.

Trini could barely believe her eyes. Kelly was sprawled on the pavement, lifeless. A shadow of a man could be seen in the distance. The man was walking away. Kimberly ran and knelt beside her cousin. She checked her pulse and gently placed the limp arm down on the floor. Kimberly hunched over and sobbed.

Trini realized there was no hope for this victim. In last few months, she'd seen far too much death, to be pulled down by despair at the sight of it. She only felt a heavy weight burdening her heart. The novice Slayer pursued the man in the shadows. It was the only thing left that she could do. She reached into the darkness and grabbed his shoulder. A snarling beast turned to face her. After a second's hesitation, she whipped out her stake from her pocket and killed the vampire. Trini raced back to her friends. She turned Kelly's head and looked at her neck.

Kimberly wailed,"Kelly, wake up! Please wake up!"

"Kim, I'm sorry. She's gone to a better place. Her soul is at peace."

Kimberly looked up and tears streamed down her face. "She is just a kid."

Trini squeezed her friend's shoulder and walked away. She called the police.


Tears were visible on everyone faces as they buried Kelly and they all wandered why this young life was taken so ruthlessly. "......and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever," the pastor said. The family put flowers on the casket. After a few minutes the people dispersed.

They sat in the car for a few minutes in silence. Kimberly asked, tentatively,"How did she die?"

"I saw two holes in her neck. A vampire killed your cousin, but he won't hurt anyone again."

"Trini, I can't believe you'd say that. Are you crazy?"

"Kimberly, aliens exist why can't vampires? You fight the unbelieveable everyday."

Kimberly turned her head and looked out the window.


A couple nights later, Kimberly numbly walked home from gymnastics practice. She saw the final rays of the setting sun. She hugged herself as if she were cold. A warm spring breeze tousled her hair, but she still shivered as she passed the place where Kelly died.

Kimberly saw Trini kicking a human with a distorted face and fangs. Trini plunged the stick into the man's chest. He dissintegrated on contact.

Kimberly stared silently at Trini. "Hi," Trini whispered.

"I didn't believe you. Why are they here?"

"I think Zedd put a spell on some of them."

"Why Kelly?"

"Umm," Trini looked up slowly,"Are you sure you want me to tell you this?"


Trini swallowed. "Food. Her....blood."

"Why do you fight them?"

"Fate made me a Vampire Slayer. I have special abilities to fight them."

"Why didn't you warn us? I could've kept her safe."

"I didn't know they were coming. Normally, they stay in Sunnydale."

"That's not good enough," Kimberly said and walked away.


Kimberly watched silently as her mother tried to comfort her sobbing aunt. She couldn't help but feel some guilt. Even though she was there at the time she wasn't able to protect her cousin despite the great number of lives she had saved as a Ranger. She couldn't even tell her family how little Kelly had died. All she could do was feel helpless.

She remembered how happy Kelly had been just a few days ago, when she cheered at her last game . Kimberly knew how hard she'd worked to get on the team and later on, master the difficult routines her new position demanded. They'd worked together for hours preparing for the game and Kimberly had been so proud of her cousin's determination.

Her aunt's ceaseless sobs cut through her reverie. And she felt the weight of gulit crushing her heart. She knew down deep in her heart that Trini was not to blame, but she needed a focus for her pain.


At the Juice Bar, the Rangers ate their dinner, oblivious to Kimberly's discovery of Trini's new identity. "Hey, I got a letter from Jason. He says the Peace Conference is going really well," Adam said.

"How's Trini doing, Kim? Did she go home?" Rocky asked.

Kimberly tacitly glared at him.

"Hey, what's the matter? I was just asking a question and it wasn't even about your cousin."

"Rocky!" Aisha yelled and smacked him on the back of his head.

Kimberly got up and left.

Tommy followed her.

Kimberly turned around and looked at him. "Please, I need to be alone right now."

"Okay, we're here if you need us." Tommy went back inside.


Kimberly made another trip to a cemetery, they had become the central theme of her life lately. She saw Trini standing over Kelly's grave.

"What are you doing here?" Kimberly demanded.

Trini turned around. "To make sure she doesn't rise."

A hand came up from the grave. A dirt smugded girl rose from her tomb. Trini turned around and levied her stake.

"No!" Kimberly grabbed Trini's arm.

"She's dead, Kimberly."

"She's right there."

Trini slapped her across the face. "Kelly's soul is free. A demon is in her corpse. That's all vampire's are, demons in corpses." Trini twisted free of Kim's grip and staked the vampire. Kelly's body turned to dust.

Kimberly let the tears fall freely and glared at her. "Get out of here."

"I'm sorry," Trini barely whispered and walked away, leaving a sobbing Kimberly to an empty grave.


In an attempt to vent her frustration, Trini teleported to Angel Grove to do what she could in the fight. She spotted a couple of vampires a few yards away. She sprinted toward the enemies and dusted them without a moment's thought. Her body knew every movement, but her mind barely acknowleged physical exertion.


A few days later, the entranced vampires aimlessly wandered around Angel Grove looking for food. The Rangers aimed with stakes, attacked and destroyed them. Some of the vampires escaped. Zedd obviously had given up the fight when he realized he was on the losing side.

The Rangers were looking for the few remaining of Zedd's vampires in the dark alleys in downtown Angel Grove. "Let's split up," Tommy said. The Rangers seperated and searched.

The Pink Ranger wandered off by herself, not really paying attention to her surroundings or her potential enemy. A white light flashed before her. Trini stood there.

The former Yellow Ranger walked up to Kimberly wordlessly. She handed her a stake. "I hope you never have to use this, but in case you need it."

Kimberly gazed after Trini as she left. The novice Slayer paused in the shadows as Tommy rushed up to Kimberly. "Where did you get that?"

"From," she paused and slowly turned her head to face her boyfriend,"a friend."

Trini smiled and went back to Sunnydale.

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