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Yellow Panther Series

Return of the Mantis
The Mantis returns along with another sinister force.

Eyes of the Feline
Trini returns to AG to find her friends, but Victoria follows......

Trini and her friends face many difficulties as they visit Phaedos.

If I Die
Trini fights until the end.

Viva Forever
Can three women save Trini's life?

Innate Silver Series

The Conquering

Diana Argent and her friends find the Great Power and try their best to fight Ahriman.

The Conquering: Part 1

The Conquering: Part 2

The Conquering: Part 3

Cold Shoulder
Trini and Diana are jealous as the guys they like go to the dance with other people, but Ahriman has a dance of his own.

Divine Silver
Diana finds the secrets of her past.

The Aquitian Rangers of Earth Saga

United by Will
Delphine is the only one to survive. Who will claim the power?

Non-Series Fanfics

If That's What It Takes
Trini comes back and Billy has an important question for her........

White Dimension
Who is the White Ranger? It's not Tommy.......

When You Cry
When you cry, someone will always wipe your tears.

Full of Grace
Tragedy strikes Trini too close to home.


Fanfics by


Trini the Vampire Slayer Series

We Do What We Have To
Buffy and Trini team up to fight the darkness.

Loss of Darkness
A loss of darkness disturbs the balance.

Painful Peace
Vampires and Lord Zedd. One word: Trouble.

More of a Man
Angel has to deal with the changes in his life.