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I have to be honest here. I've watched this episode close to twenty times. This episode showed the most of Trini's character for a Trini centric episode. Here's the plot: Trini's working on a new Kung Fu called Mantis style Kung Fu. She's training and Rita decides to make a Mantis monster to challenge Trini's new skills. Trini and the Mantis have a small battle and the other Rangers show up to help. The Mantis leaves saying Trini cheated. "It's not a fair fight. Because of your friends, you have no honor." So then Rita lures Trini into the quarry with a letter supposedly from her Kung Fu teacher. She finds the Mantis there instead. He challenges her to fight one on one. She accepts wanting to retore her honor. Then the Mantis cheats bringing putties into the battle. Trini learns that the forces of Evil have no honor. She fights the Mantis again and then her friends show up. "Now, it's a fair fight, Mantis!" They destroy the Mantis using the megazord. Then Trini does the form perfectly with her teacher.

I loved this episode because it revolved around Trini and it showed her uncertainty in battle. I also loved this episode because the fights between Trini and the Mantis were just amazingly done and we finally get to see more of Thuy Trang's martial arts skill!

For more about the episode read Return of the Mantis.

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All images taken from The Tablets of Destiny and the Rangerplex (a site that is no longer online).