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Trini, the Vampire Slayer Series

More of a Man

by Luellon and Omi


Angel sat back in a chair reading a book. He growled and threw the book against the wall. Now that he was human, his days became monotonous. The fact that he could no longer perform his duties as Buffy's protector, left him useless. His helplessness agonized him daily. She could be in danger right now and he wouldn't be able to do anything. Defeated, he slumped in his chair.

There was a knock on the door. He opened the door and there was Buffy. "Hi. Haven't seen you lately."

"I've been busy." He let her inside.

"We still need you even if you aren't....super strong dead boy."

"You'll be fine without me."

"Come keep me company on patrol anyway."

"Why? I can't do anything anymore."

She turned to leave and then glanced back. "Just come."

He reluctantly agreed and followed.


The Slayer and Angel trudged through the cemetery entrenched in their own thoughts. They held their crossbows and bolts. A large red and black demon slithered out of the tree as someone chanted the final verse of a spell. "Weird looking demon," Angel said under his breath.

"I would appreciate it if you wouldn't disturb my world destruction plans," Ethan said. "This is a tree demon. Rather common, actually."

"I'm sorry if I'm not an expert on creepy crawly thingies like you," Buffy said.

"Leave you pathetic human!"

"You're the only one whose pathetic. I mean, what'd that tree do to you?"

"The demon Prosenius is standing before you! With his power I will bring chaos to the Earth!"

The demon was glowing red, sapping up energy. A tendril reached out to grab Buffy. It began to drag her toward its gaping mouth.

Angel searched around his memory for the source of the name. He knew its weakness. He fired a few bolts from his crossbow. But they only bounced off the tree's hard exterior. "I'll be back, Buffy!"

He turned and ran a foot away. He dropped to the ground and stuck the bolt into the dry leaves and rubbed it between his fingers to create friction. Soon the leaves and tip of the bolt were on fire. He stamped out the burning leaves and prepared to face his adversary.

While Ethan was still laughing over his supposed triumph, Angel aimed the crossbow at the living tree and the demon was struck in the center. He pulled the Slayer from the tendril and they retreated.


Angel laid down on his bed, thinking about the events that had transpired only a few hours earlier. He now realized that he could protect Buffy, even without his vampiric super strength. He felt strong and powerful again, but now he would have to rely more on his intellect and experience to compensate for his lack of physical ability. He simply smiled, feeling completely enamored with himself and opened a book.


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