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Links and Image Credits

Thuy Trang Tribute
The most extensive, informational site on Thuy Trang about her roles as Trini, on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Kali on The Crow: City of Angels.

Thuy Trang Homage Studio
This site has information and pictures of Thuy Trang in both her roles of Trini and Kali.

Sacred Temple
This is a wonderful site dedicated to Thuy's charactor Trini Kwan!

Power Ranger Unmasked: Thuy Trang
This is a wonderful article on Thuy Trang after Power Rangers.

The Tablets of Destiny
This is Rachel's site! Go see it!! She has tons of her fanfics posted and picture galleries too. She's an excellent writer!

Starhawk's Aerie
This is a site of an extensive fanfic series about the Power Rangers in Space and a fictional Aquitian Ranger Team! Starhawk does an excellent job of writing, too!

Melody Online
This is a good site for Karone and Astronema pictures, wallpaper, fanart and a message board.

Pink Power: Melody Perkins Online
This is a good site for sounds, pics and info on Karone.

Ranger Base Headquarters
This site is great for pics, and the Memory Walk.

A Writer's Guide to the PR Universe
Everything you ever wanted to know about anything to do with Power Rangers is here!

Tommy's Power Ranger Universe!
An excellent site with pictures and information on all the incarnations of Power Rangers!

This is an excellent page with a great sections on the characters and images of Power Rangers.

Alien Rangers Homepage
This is the only page dedicated to the Alien Rangers of Aquitar!

Naks Power Rangers
This is one of the biggest PR Picture galleries I have EVER come across! Definitely check it out!

Disclaimer for Power Rangers in all thier Incarnations: Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin', Mighty Morphin Alien, Zeo, Turbo, in Space and Lost Galaxy) all belong to Buena Vista Studios Entertainment. I do not own them. I also have no affiliation with Disney or Buena Vista Studios Entertainment. This site is a NON PROFIT site.