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Hi! Thank you for having me on your page. I'm sorry that I can't open the pictures enclosed since I'm curious which episodes they were from and would love to see them. Perhaps they are in a PC format and I am on Mac. Playing Delphine was great fun and wonderfully physical. We jumped off of cliffs and floated on water. I especially loved the more peaceful message that the Aquitians brought with them at the end of the day. As for present info...I just finished an east-west collaboration (Egypt-America productions and zoom films) a film in the Arabic language, of all things, set in Los Angeles. (my broken Arabic not withstanding-with the "Tom Cruise of the East" as he is known). I am the voice of Sony Playstation II (the really cool commercial-it was so futuristic I loved it!) and continue to do voice overs and character voices. Hope u r well and may the power of good always be with you.

Rajia Baroudi