Innate Silver

The Conquering

Part 3

I screamed BATHROOM!. A tremendous energy rush occurred and I teleported. I landed in a bathroom stall, demorphed, and ran to the supply store.

I was feeling dizzy from the energy exertion, but I ignored it; I had to hurry. I placed an order for crayons. As I picked up the receipt, I noticed a brochure rack. One caught my eye. Then I noticed it was for Angel Grove Tower. I picked it up and stuffed it into my pocket. I ran back to the daycare and told Miss K I had to meet my mom for a doctor’s appointment. I hopped onto my motor cycle and sped to Trini’s house.

” Trini!” I yelled as I opened the door.

” We’re in here, Diana!”

I ran into the Living Room. “ I thought you weren’t coming back til six,” Zack said.

” Ahriman is going to destroy the sun.”

” What!???” My friends stared at me incredulously.

” His base is behind the daycare’s Play Room.”

” Diana, what did you do?” Adam asked, his eyebrows raised.

” I spied on them. We have two hours before the sun’s in range.”

” In range?” Zack asked.

” They have a machine called......Anti-gravitational Bombardment Device.”

Billy’s eyebrows raised,” That sounds like it could accomplish their objective.”

Adam said, ” Okay, let’s go over everything we know......First, Ahriman wants to take over our planet with Dopplegangers--”

I interrupted,” Dopplegangers have to eat what they change into, in order to morph.”

” Alright, and we know that Ahriman has a powerful machine to blow up the sun. He’d wipe out the entire planet in two days. We know we have to do something to stop them. We have Martial Arts, super speed, and teleportation to fight with. They have a whole army of Dopplegangers and who knows what else.”

” This doesn’t look good,” Aisha said.

” I found out more information. Dulcea was a soothsayer. That would mean she would’ve known what would happen in the future.”

” So, what are you saying?” Rocky asked.

” Dulcea knew about Ahriman. She knew she would die. She kicked you out, so you would have a reason to come back the next day to get the power.” Everyone was silent. We all bowed are heads in reverence to her sacrifice. “ They said they would be at the Tower.”

” Angel Grove Tower. It’s the tallest building in Angel Grove,” Aisha said.

” We gotta stop them, now what do we do?” Kimberly added.

” We have to stop them,” Zack said.

” How?” Trini looked thoughtful,” We’ve never been in that building. They probably know more about it than we do.”

” With this,” I answered. I pulled the pamphlet out of my pocket, unfolded it, and placed it on the table.

” How did you get a map?” Rocky blurted.

” I want to an Arts and Crafts store. I knew they were going to the Tower......”

Adam smiled,” The front and back doors should be heavily guarded. We should go in the alley and enter the place there...........”

I said,” Then we climb the wall. We go to the roof. If we teleport on the roof. then we could get surrounded easily............”

Adam caught on, “ We climb and surprise them.”

” Yea,” Kimberly agreed.

” Let’s go,” Adam and I said at the same time.


” The entry way shouldn’t be heavily guarded?” Zack said.

” I guessed,” Adam whispered back. There were about fifty Dopplegangers guarding the alley. We were across the street, hiding behind bushes.

” You Assumed there wouldn’t be many guards,” Kimberly corrected. “ You know what happens when you assume, don’t you?”

” I get it, Kim.”

” At least we won’t have to worry about the test tomorrow,” Rocky said facetiously.

” I plan to stay alive, Rocky,” Trini said determinedly. After that it was silent for a few minutes. I felt sick. I thought of that man and how any other people had already been killed by Dopplegangers. Hundreds? Thousands? Who knew? We had to stop them and now was our chance. We had an obligation to stop him.

We were out-manned, out-gunned, and this was only one side fo the building! The plan was being ruined be--. I saw a fire alarm. We don’t have to fight them. We have to get them to fight something else. Something that will hurt them. Something they’d run from. “ I’ll be right back,” I whispered.

I teleported to a drugstore. I demorphed and bought six patch of matches and paper. I morphed and teleported back to my friends.

” Diana?” Billy cried.

” We make them run. Then I’ll speed in the building--” Something stopped me. I saw--pictured Dulcea with her hand in the fire. “ I can control the fire to stop.”

” How do you know that?” Trini asked.

” Instinct.”

I must have sounded sure of myself because Adam said, “ Okay, but be careful. We’ll speed in, once they’re all gone.”

I lite the matches and papers began to burn. Strangely, the heat wasn’t bothering me. I ignored the thought and threw the papers. The fire lite up the night. The Dopplegangers began to scream. I guess fire scares them to death, because they ran like a panicked stamped of buffalo being chased by hungry lions.

As the fire got an inch away from my fingertips, I threw the paper toward the enemy. The heat even that close, didn’t bother me one bit. I ripped another piece of paper out of the large notebook. I lite it, and threw it as it soared through the air. Then I saw seven blurs rush onto the stairs, on the side of the building.

Adam and Billy kicked a Doppleganger; the enemy fell to the concrete. I made a cutting motion with my hand and the fire stopped burning. I joined my teammates. The stairs only went to the second floor.

My fingers clung to the crevices of the brick wall as I hefted myself off the stairs; I began to climb the wall. Rocky and Kimberly climbed side by side, helping eachother. Aisha tried to race Zack up the wall to get away from him. We climbed some more. I saw the sun shine it’s final ray of light as it sunk, enveloped by the darkness. It must be six thirty.

I looked down and saw Trini clinging to the wall, but not climbing. I climbed down toward her and heard a tight, muffled, humming sound. It was coming from Trini. Then I remembered, Trini has a phobia of heights. Billy was the first to get to her, I was next.

” Trini, it’s okay,” I tried to comfort her. Billy put his arm around her shoulder and clung to the wall.

” Trini, my hand is right in back of you. You won’t fall. I won’t let you fall.”

” Come on, Trini. I’ll be right beside you,” I told her. This seemed to put more confidence in her because she started to climb.

Adam came up beside me and asked,” What happened?”

” She’s afraid of heights. She’ll be okay, though.”

” Let’s hurry.”

” Isn’t this night vision cool?” Rocky exclaimed.

” It sure does help,” Aisha replied.

Adam said, ” Guys, we’re here.”

” More of them?” Rocky asked. A herd of Dopplegangers guarded the boundaries of the roof.

We leapt, flipped over the Dopplegangers and kicked them off the roof. I spun around quickly and pulled out my knife from its sheath hanging from my white belt sash. I blocked the sword of a Doppleganger with my blade. I kicked him in the stomach. I kicked him between the legs and punched him in the face. He ran toward me and I moved to the side as he fell off the roof.

I saw Trini get tripped by an enemy. Her mind must be pounding from all her mental exertion. She can’t concentrate correctly; it must’ve taken all her will power to climb up here and probably her last ounce of strength to flip. Dopplegangers were surrounding everyone! No one could get to Trini.

Then I saw the Ninja in blue leap over Dopplegangers and tornado kick the Doppleganger off of Trini. Then Billy leapt and kicked him so forcefully, that he landed pounding his head against the brick floor. Billy picked Trini up. Now does Rocky think Billy can’t fight?

” Billy, teleport Trini to safety!” Adam yelled. Billy did so. “Safety” was Billy’s garage. His dad was out of town; no one was home. We fought off the surrounding enemies and advanced toward the machine.

” I don’t think so, Ninjas!” A woman exclaimed. “ I am Scorpina! Banderdash! Thorn! Attack!”

A green-skinned alien with spikes all over his body, charged at Adam, me and Rocky. “ I am Thorn!” He looked like he was on steroids or something.

” I am Banderdash! I am the strongest Trollarian in the universe!” He attacked Aisha, Kim and Billy. Wait. Billy? Oh. I saw smoke; he’d teleported back here.

Ahriman’s device was glowing brightly as it sucked energy from the power plant. I saw lights go out of windows and buildings. A blackout.

Thorn’s breathing began to change to gasps. He sunk to the floor. I started breathing harder. I didn’t have any trouble with the--heat! Heat! That was it! Banderdash collapsed too. Rocky looked like he was going to keel over.

Of course! If Thorn and Banderdash can’t handle it, then how could humans? Then the others passed out as well. I ran to them. Adam was still conscious, but he was laying down. “ Adam teleport everyone out!” White energy engulfed the six of them and they disappeared.

I turned and faced the machine. Scorpina stood there, grinning at me. “ You’re all alone, Silver Ninja.”

” So are you,” I countered.

She narrowed her eyes, angered. ” I can withstand the heat because I’m half scorpion. What’s you’re excuse?”

” Half of my blood is alien.”

” Well, shall we?” We started fighting, her with her sword and me with my knife. We twirled and kicked eachother, but both of us could avoid each others’ attacks. I still can’t believe she knew so many martial arts. I was using everything Dulcea had taught me.

Then Scorpina slashed on my knife’s hilt and it clattered to the floor. She stood an inch away with her blade centimeters from my throat. I could see the evil triumphant pleasure in her eyes.

Now there were two ways I could escape. Back flip, hoping I barely jerked my head, or it would hit the blade, or I could duck and sweep her from below. Either way, I might get my head chopped off. So I chose my first plan.

Most of my muscle tension came from my legs. I had to bend back, without falling over. The blade was an inch from my throat, instead of centimeters.

I cried, “ HIYA!” I flipped, and knocked the sword away from Scorpina. I grabbed its hilt as I landed on my feet. She blasted me with an energy bolt from her hand. I cried out in pain as I fell. My shoulder burned!

I looked at my adversary. Her expression changed. Instead of looking completely satisfied with my dilemma, Scorpina looked remorseful.

” Diana!”

Scorpina’s head jerked away from me to see the intruder. With her distracted, I began to charge up energy of my own. The crackling power glistened a bright silver, as it fumed in my hands. I could have fired; the blow would have badly hurt her. But I didn’t fire. I couldn’t fire. For some reason I just couldn’t hurt her.

Maybe it had been the remorseful look in her eyes, after she’d shot me. “ Scorpina, leave or fight two of us.”

Scorpina stared at me and then at the intruder hiding in the shadows. “ This isn’t over.” She disappeared.

” Trini?” I called. Trini came out. “ How can you withstand the heat?”

She pointed to her wrist. On it, was a metallic band. “ I woke up and saw the others passed out on the floor. I guessed it was heat from the scanner readings. This is a Heat Coolant.” Sometimes Trini amazes me. She made her own device out of stuff from Billy’s garage. “ I don’t have that much time. We have to hurry.”

” Okay. How should we do it?”

” I’ll shut it down and then you can teleport it to a dumpster.” While Trini fiddled with the controls, I kept my eyes out for enemies. I felt the heat in the air lessen. The machine shut down. “ I’ll go back to the others. Good Luck, Diana.” She teleported in a flash of yellow light.

” Here goes nothing.” I focused. The silver energy poured out. I was lifted by the power and landed in a dumpster far from civilization. I looked at the garbage crusher in front of me. I levitated the machine and watched it get destroyed by the crusher. I waited until the machine was almost all reduced to bits and pieces. I teleported to Billy’s. I was glad; we had conquered our enemies.

” Is everyone okay?” I asked them.

” Yea,” Rocky answered.

” Good job,” Adam told me.

” Thanks.” I saw Billy and Trini hug for a few seconds. A few minutes later everyone went home.

I woke up around midnight. I put on a pair of leggings and shirt. I morphed. I took my knife out of the drawer and unsheathed it. I snuck out to the backyard.

I knew what I was doing was dangerous, but I had to do this. For Dulcea.

Some say love

it is a river that drowns the tender reef

Some say love

it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love

it is a hunger

an endless aching need

I say love

It is a flower

and you its only seed

I began to move my hands very slowly; I was beginning the Owl Form of Phae-Leik. I performed ballistic like movements as the Form progressed. The Owl was Dulcea’s Ninja Spirit.

It's the heart afraid of breaking

that never learns to dance

It's the dream afraid of waking

That never takes the chance

Its the word who won't be taken

Who cannot seem to give

and the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live

I tornado kicked the air. I twirled and took out my knife. I did some fast moves with my dagger.

And the night has been too lonely

And the road has been too long

And you think

that love is only

for the lucky and the strong

I finished the Form by extending my arms like the wings of a bird. I jumped up and descended. I tucked my knees as an Owl would, catching its prey. I landed and folded my arms back. I arched my back; I was supposed to look like a perched owl.

Just remember

in the winter

far beneath the bitter snow

lies a seed

That with the sun's love

In the spring

Becomes a Rose

To me, Dulcea was like a mother. Through all the snow in my life, she’d always been my Sun. She gave life to me, like a sun does a rose. I’ll always love her. Always.

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