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Disclaimer: Power Rangers in all its incarnations belongs to Buena Vista Stuidos Entertainment. This series is for fun only (i.e. I'm not getting paid to do this). I would like to thank Starhawk and Rachel Dawson for their wonderful stories that inspired this fanfic.

by: Luellon

Billy sat in front of the computer moniter as always and for a moment she could pretend that everything was just as it had been before Zordon died. She swallowed and silently stepped into Billy's garage. Zack sat in the chair his arms crossed across the back, resting his head on his arms. The sullen look plastered on his face looked alien on him; he smiled at her wanly, but the smile never reached his eyes.

Kimberly was leaning against the desk, holding a tissue and sniffling. Dotting her moist eyes with the tissue, she looked up and sent Trini a small smile. "Hey, Trini." "Hey." Trini glanced over at Jason who was sitting on the desk next to Kimberly. He was staring at the polished surface. It took Trini a minute to notice that his shirt was black and not red. After they'd become Rangers, they'd noticed that they'd get lethargic or even sick if they weren't wearing their respective colors at all times. He's punishing himself, she realized.

The typing at the keyboard resounded in the room as if the monotonous jittering would chase away the silence. Billy continued to type as if they weren't even there. She had to stop this. She hadn't called this meeting for them to sit around listening to a keyboard. "Billy, could you stop that for a second?" He didn't move nor did he acknowledge her presence. Trini tried not to take that personally, but it was hard. All of them were aching inside. "Billy!" she tried again and Billy still ignored her. She grabbed his hands and wretched them away from the keyboard.

He glared at her through his glasses. "Let me go. I have to finish."

Trini looked at the moniter and saw a bunch a symbols she knew weren't in anyone else's lab. "Billy, what are you doing?"

"Let me go. I have to find him!"

"Find who?"


"What?" Kimberly said.

Oh, my gods, Trini thought. "Billy, Zordon...Zordon's gone."

"He could've escaped into another dimension. He is a interdimensional being."

"The command center blew up. Rita and Zordon are both dead." Trini felt his hands begin to shake and she gripped them tighter. He glared at her. Flinching, she released his hands. Curling her fingers into pinchers, she struck his arm. He froze. "Trini?"

"Look at me, Billy." He stared at the monitor. "Look at me or you won't be able to use your arm again."

He glared at her. "What?"

"Zordon is gone and I wish it weren't true. But it is and instead of honoring his life, we're drowning in his death."

"You called us here to give us psych 101?" Jason asked.

"No, I came here because we have a mission to complete."

"What mission? Rita's gone...Zordon's gone," Zack said.

"Do you think Rita was the only evil out there?"

"No," Billy mumbled.

"We don't have powers, Trini," Kimberly said crossing her arms across her chest.

"We can get them," Trini said and struck Billy's arm again to unparalyze it.

Rubbing his arm, Billy said,"what do you mean?"

Jason got up off the table. "How?"

She breathed in deeply and let it out slowly. Hopefully, they won't think I'm crazy, she thought. "I've been having dreams. These books that Alpha gave me. They say we can enter the morphing grid and get our powers back."

"Dreams?" Zack said, getting up out of the chair. "You want us to go back there because you had a dream?"

"It was more than a dream. It was like the Power was trying to tell me something."

"So why didn't the rest of us have these dreams?" Zack said glaring at her.

A rumbling sound eminated from across the room. Trini turned and saw the Saber Tooth Tiger spirit sitting on the desk where Jason had been sitting. "Are you coming?"

Everyone stared, speechless. Jason shook his head. "Yeah."

"Come faster," the spirit said and disappeared.

"What's the catch?" Jason asked.

"If we fail, we die."

"Is that it?" Jason said.

She smiled wanly. "We won't have power coins anymore. We're getting our powers back without morphers. The process is called Ascension."

"You mean we infuse all our Ranger powers into our bodies?" Billy said.


"How can we survive that?" Kimberly asked.

"We're Rangers," Jason answered for her. He looked at Trini and she was happy that some of their phone conversation had sunken in to his brain. He was in leader mode now. "It's apparently what we do."

"You mean besides wearing color coded costumes and piloting giant robots?" Kimberly said.

Jason smiled. "Yeah."

"Zordon wouldn't have wanted us to give up," Zack said, shrugging. "So, let's do it."


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