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Disclaimer: Power Rangers in all its incarnations belongs to Buena Vista Stuidos Entertainment. This series is for fun only (i.e. I'm not getting paid to do this). This series is for fun only (i.e. I'm not getting paid to do this). I would like to thank Starhawk and Rachel Dawson for their wonderful stories that inspired this fanfic.

by: Luellon

He'd failed. Jason had known that once they'd entered the Command Center after Alpha had signaled for help. Goldar had just been a distraction.

Rita was shooting at Zordon with magic from her staff. If Zordon had been human, he would've been whithering in pain. His cries resounded off the walls and would haunt his dreams of that he had no doubt. "Leave him alone!" Kimberly yelled and launched herself at the magician. The Pink Ranger slammed into a force field and Trini ran to help her up.

"Jason, what do we do?" Zack asked.

He turned to Billy. "Is there a way we can shut down that forcefield?"

"Not without equipment that we don't have," Billy said and Jason didn't miss the forlorn tone in his voice.

"What if we use our power coins?" Jason said.

"Yeah, we could fuse their energy together," Zack said reaching for his morpher.

"It's worth a try," Billy said. They held their coins out in front of them and energy poured out and shot the forcefeild and dissipitated. The forcefield didn't waver.

"Damn!" Jason said. "Blasters!" They fired and still there was no effect in the barricade.

"Zordon!" Trini yelled over his cries.

"Rangers...her staff!" their mentor managed to gasp out.

"We can't get to her staff without destroying the forcefield," Kimberly said.

"What about our weapons?" Trini said.

"We've got no other options," Jason said, gulping behind his helmet. "Let's do it1"

They combined their weapons and fired. The multicolored blast struck the staff and shattered the rod and the orb on top of it. "No!" Rita screeched. "My power!"

"Yeah!" Jason yelled. His friends cried out in joy. Their triumphant cries died as Zordon fell out of his tube and solidified. Jason felt like a millenium had past before they reached their mentor.

"Zordon can't live outside his tube!" Rita smirked.

Jason glared at her and quelched the anger burning inside him. Zordon first, then Rita, he told himself.

"Zordon," Kimberly said. "We have to put you back in the tube."

"Rangers, the tube has been destoryed."

Jason saw the shattered glass and the broken cylinder that had once held their leader. "We can use our powers to fix it," Jason said and blinked back tears.

"It won't work," Zordon whispered. "The controls have been destroyed." The consoles' wires were ripped out and some pieces littered the floor.

"We'll fix it," Trini said.

"Zordon, please, you can't leave us. You're like a father to us all," Kimberly grasped one of his hands. Zordon's hand didn't squeeze hers back. God, Jason thought, he's really weak.

"We've got to do something," Zack said.

Suddenly, Jason felt the power slipping away from him. The energy crackled and slowly became nothing. He felt his hands had no gloves; they'd demorphed. His friends' tear stained faces stared back at him. They looked just as helpless as he felt.

"Rangers, you must take these," Alpha handed some leather bound books to Trini.

"What are they?" Trini asked, taking the books into her arms.

"Nothing that will help you!" Rita said. "I may not have all my powers, but I have enough energy to kill you all. If I'm going down," she coughed and leaned against one of the consoles, "then you're going down with me!"

She fired.

Jason tensed and closed his eyes. When no attack came, he opened them and found that he was in the desert. A loud explosion deafened their ears and all of them fell to the ground.

Sand burned his eyes as he looked up. "No!" His anguished echoed though the mountianous terrain.

Sharp debris poked out from the rubble and pierced their hearts as potently as knives. The ruins of the Command Center littered the ground and sulfurous smoke rose to the heavens as if signaling Zordon's passage into the next life.

Five of them stood off in the distance smudged with soot and tattered clothes blowing in the breeze. They stared as if the scene before them were just a dream as if the impossible had never transpired.

Zordon was dead.

He choked as he tried to breathe and blinked back tears.

"Do you think Zordon could teleport himself out too?" Kimberly whispered.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Trini smile wanly. "Where would he teleport to?"

Kimberly frowned and let the tears fall down her cheeks. "I don't know."

"Maybe he and Alpha got out?" Zack said. Jason could see that he was struggling to hold his composure.

Billy stood silently watching the wreckage. "No," he kept mumbling. "No."

He couldn't be gone. Zordon, he thought. Why? Anger flared up inside him. Why did you did you die? We need you! Jason's thoughts weren't answered. Never again would their mentor speak to them.

Jason looked over at Billy who was scanning the area. "Anything?"

"No," the genius said. "Both Zordon and Rita's energies aren't showing up."

"That's it then," Kimberly said. "The war's over. We're done."

"What about Goldar?" Trini asked.

"Yeah," Zack said,"He distracted us with that attack so we couldn't get to Zordon in time."

"We don't have powers, Zack."

"Man, this bites! That's it. We're through."

"With no powers and nothing to fight," Jason said, swallowing the sickness beginning to well up in his stomach, "it's the end of the Power Rangers."


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